Our Mission

Our mission is to use design to create positive social change in our community and the world through working on projects centered around socially- or environmentally- conscious issues. We aim to work with clients whose focus is on building community, sustaining the environment, or tackling social issues in innovative ways.

Our Values


We love problem solving. We believe that truly creative design is necessarily innovative. We strive to create dynamic and thought-provoking work that creatively provides solutions to the issues our clients present to us. We pride ourselves on designing unique and original work for each project, all while having fun during the process.


Building community is very important to us. We are first and foremost members of our community, and secondly a business within that community. Our own health and happiness depend upon that of our community. We seek out projects that allow us to sustain ourselves without compromising our integrity or causing harm to our community.


Simple awareness can go a long way. We strive to be conscious of the impact we make as human-beings—whether on the environment, our clients, or our surrounding community—and to be sensitive to the needs of these respective groups. We are always open to feedback and critique in order to be more in touch with these needs

Who We Are

We are a boutique design firm located in West Philadelphia. We specialize in web, print, identity, film, and design consulting. We feel passionate about the work that we do and value building strong relationships with our clients that promote harmony and satisfaction on both sides. Read more about us below.

Justin Broglie

Technical Director

Justin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s engineering school, studying Digital Media Design. He has always been very independent minded, and has run several small businesses since high school. He has been doing freelance and commission design work for the past several years before starting Relative Commotion LLC. His passions and interests include education reform, holistic medicine and wellness, meditation, social justice, and sustainability.

Looking to Bring on Like-Minded Partners

Calling All Creatives and Visionaries

Do you have a shared interest in 1) tech, web development, design, or entreprenuership and 2) social impact and sustainability? We are looking to expand our team of partners as well as network with like-minded people who do similar work. Please email us at with a bit about yourself and what you are looking for.


The services we offer.


Static Websites
Content Management Systems
Web Applications
Social Media Setup/Integration


Business Cards
Book Design/Layout


Logo Design
Color Scheme
Branding/Slogan Development
Typeface Selection


Project Vision
Usability Testing
Design Advice
Site Maintenance
Marketing Strategy

Featured Work

Here are some of our latest projects!

Our Clients

Fox Leadership
Art of Living

Academic Ladder
Weiss Tech House

Clean Markets
Total Leadership

Neomind Labs
Christian Association
Here's My Chance

Client Testimonials

It was wonderful working with Relative Commotion, and we will definitely do it again. Their designs are aesthetically beautiful and eye-catching, as well as simple and to the point. They listened to exactly what we needed, provided great feedback, and incorporated everything into the design that we were looking for. In our center in New York City, people pick up the print material they designed for us and say "Ooooh...". They are fast and efficient and very generous with their work. I recommend them highly!

Annelies Richmond

Director, Yesplus USA, Art of Living Foundation

I have had the pleasure to work with Relative Commotion through the Design and the Construction phase of the site. Having worked in IT Consulting for over 15 years, I know they drove this project following best practices. They are excellent designers and will meticulously ensure that all aspects of a website participate in building a coherent image in the mind of the visitor. They have a high degree of integrity and deliver what they promise at the price agreed upon. No surprises. Relative Commotion does more than developing a website--they are a trusted advisor and are invested in the success of their clients.

Jacques Sapriel

Founder, PhillyEcoCity

Relative Commotion is an extraordinarily talented, hard working, and dynamic web design firm who took our vision for our website and created a masterpiece. I feel very lucky to have hired them to design our website at the Job Opportunity Investment Network.

Seth Green

JOIN Director, United Way